EASA warns A321neo operators for the potential "Excessive Pitch" anomaly

Cologne, Germany - European Aviation Safety Agency has warned Airbus A321neo operators about a potential “excessive pitch” anomaly.

Airbus has submitted a temporary update to its A321neo flight manuals that would prevent the aircraft from reaching excessive pitch altitudes.

MCAS (Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System) on the Boeing 737 MAX's Flight Control System was also intended to prevent “Excessive pitch” of the aircraft, but is now believed to be the originator of the two crashes that the type was involved.

EASA said the revision follows the analysis of the Airbus A321neo's elevator and aileron computer.

The Agency says that this could result in "reduced control" of the aircraft and warns the A321neo operators to update their flight manuals subsequently, within 30 days.

EASA also states that it is a temporary measure and further requirements might follow.