EASA says cracks detected on the wing spars of early A380s

Toulouse, France - An Emergency Airworthiness Directive released by EASA says that cracks have been detected on the rear wing spars of the early A380s.

The cracks are between ribs 33 and 49, on both side and could affect the structural integrity of the wings. The European Aviation Safety Agency, therefore, recommends operators repeated checks for the affected areas.

The Airworthiness Directive dated 5 July 2019 is limited to the 25 Airbus A380 produced between 2004 and 2006. Based on the inspection results, further ADs may follow for other aircraft in service, the agency explained.

According to the directive published by EASA, affected A380s are as follows:

MSN 0006 (Hi Fly Malta registered 9H-MIP),
MSN 0007 (Emirates registered A6-EDF),
MSN 0008 (Singapore Airlines registered 9V-SKD, the aircraft was stored in Tarbes France in 2018 for dismantling),
MSN 0009 (Emirates registered A6-EDJ),
MSN 0010 (Singapore Airlines registered 9V-SKE, the aircraft was stored in Tarbes France in 2018 for dismantling),
MSN 0011 (Emirates registered A6-EDA),
MSN 0012 (Singapore Airlines registered 9V-SKF),
MSN 0013 (Emirates registered A6-EDB),
MSN 0014 (Qantas registered VH-OQA),
MSN 0015 (Qantas registered VH-OQB),
MSN 0016 (Emirates registered A6-EDC),
MSN 0017 (Emirates registered A6-EDE),
MSN 0019 (Singapore Airlines registered 9V-SKG),
MSN 0020 (Emirates registered A6-EDD),
MSN 0021 (Singapore Airlines registered 9V-SKH),
MSN 0022 (Qantas registered VH-OQC),
MSN 0023 (Emirates registered A6-EDG),
MSN 0025 (Emirates registered A6-EDH),
MSN 0026 (Qantas registered VH-OQD),
MSN 0027 (Qantas registered VH-OQE),
MSN 0029 (Qantas registered VH-OQF),
MSN 0033 (Air France registered F-HPJA),
MSN 0034 (Singapore Airlines registered 9V-SKI)
MSN 0038 (Lufthansa registered D-AIMA),
MSN 0040 (Air France registered F-HPJB).