Dreamliner will be flagship of Boeing at the Paris Air Show

Seattle, Washington - Boeing will use a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner from Air Tahiti Nui for a demonstration flight at the Paris Air Show next week.

The Dreamliner of the French carrier Air Tahiti Nui will be the only commercial jet from Boeing that will be exhibited at the Paris Air Show of which 53rd will be held this year.

The most striking thing at the show will be the absence of the Boeing's grounded 737 MAX since March 13 after the second fatal crash of the type in Ethiopia in less than half a year.

Last year the 737 MAX was the star of the Farnborough Air Show in London. The American aircraft manufacturer received 564 orders there for its 737 MAX series jets ahead of the rival Airbus's A320neo family, which had been able to accumulate 320 orders.

The only Boeing 737 in Paris will be an aircraft converted into a freighter from a passenger plane by the manufacturer.

Boeing will mainly showcase its innovations, partnerships and safety initiatives at the Paris Air Show.

At Boeing's stand, visitors will be able to learn more about Boeing's new products and future technologies in a vast 360-degree environment with interactive tools.

Undoubtedly, Boeing's presence at the Paris Air Show is shadowed by the 737 MAX grounding. In addition to that, the new wide-body jet of the manufacturer won't be presented at the show as it was previously planned. The first flight of the Boeing 777X was delayed due to engine issues.

First flight of the Boeing 777X is likely to be delayed due to an engine issue