Dreamliner engines continue to cause problems


Auckland - Air New Zealand had to cancel some flights recently because of the problems in Boeing 787 engines.

Air New Zealand suffers from flight cancellations as its Dreamliners' Rolls Royce Trent 1000 engines experience fatigue. Other airlines are struggling with the same problem too.

New Zealand's Civil Aviation Authority confirmed that it is investigating abnormalities on the Dreamliner engines of the national airline. The whole thing is the result of incidents with Dreamliners of the airline. In most incidents, pilots had to switch off the engines of the Boeing 787-9s after the start, because there were problems. The Trent 1000 engines powering Dreamliners are manufactured by the British Rolls-Royce.

Air New Zealand is not the first airline that has problems with the engines. The manufacturer is aware of the problem. Japanese All Nippon Airways and Virgin had similar problems before. In the summer of 2016, All Nippon Airways had to cancel many flights for the same reason. As it turned out, cracks in the turbine blades were the problem. The engines showed signs of fatigue much faster than they should. Just after ANA, Virgin Atlantic also reported similar problems.

Rolls-Royce warned that the operators should expect more activity on technical issues with the Trent 1000 engines in the second half of the year. On the current case, the company said that they are working with Air New Zealand to solve the problem. In total, more than 400 Trent 1000 engines are currently in operation across the world.