Delta gears up for more Airbus A220

Paris, France - Delta Air Lines has placed an order for the Airbus A220s second time in six months. Today, the American carrier signed for five A220-100 jets at the Paris Air Show.

With this order, the total number of the Airbus A220s in the airline's order book rises to 95 units.

Delta Air Lines is the first company to order the Airbus's A220 in the United States. The aircraft has now an increased MTOW by 2.3 metric tons (Maximum Take-off Weight), which allows the aircraft to fly short transatlantic routes.

But Delta mainly uses the smallest Airbus jet ever on busy domestic routes with lots of business passengers.

Delta put its first Airbus A220-100 into service in February and now has fourteen copies in the fleet. The aircraft has room for 109 passengers.

Later, the larger variant of the aircraft, the A220-300 will also join the airline's fleet. 50 of the 95 aircraft on order are of that type.