Czech Airlines to replace the Airbus A319s in the fleet with Boeing 737 MAXs


Prague - Czech Airlines switches from the Airbus A319 to the Boeing 737 MAX.

After the collapse of the Iron Curtain, Czech Airlines replaced all of its old Russian aircraft in the fleet with western aircraft. The Boeing 737 was the backbone of its fleet then. A few years later, the airline chose the Airbus A320 family aircraft to replace the existing Boeing 737s in the fleet. Now the roles are reversed again.

That's what Ján Tóth, Director of Commerce at Czech Airlines, told the Dutch civil aviation magazine Luchtvaartnieuws during an interview.

Tóth explained the reason for the departure of the Airbus fleet as the takeover of the airline by competitor Travel Service. Travel service is the largest airline of Czechia operating the Boeing 737 and a number of Boeing 737 MAX exclusively.

Czech Airlines plans to phase out the single-aisles of Airbus in the fleet from the end of 2018. On regional routes, it will continue to fly with the ATR, while an Airbus A330 will be maintained for the scheduled flights to South Korea. The aircraft is rented from Korean Air, and the contract prevails until the end of the summer season of 2020.

Czech Airlines and Travel Service will continue to operate as independent brands for now. Travel Service will announce the future strategy of the company later.

Czech Airlines currently operates eight Airbus A319-100 and one Airbus A321-200. In the interview with Luchtvaartnieuws, Tóth does not say anything about the fate of the seven Airbus A320neo on order.