Crew Dragon of SpaceX launches successfully for its one-day trip to ISS

**Cape Canaveral - On Saturday morning, an unmanned SpaceX spacecraft at the top of a Falcon 9 rocket was launched from Cape Canaveral to the international space station ISS. **

The spacecraft named "Crew Dragon" successfully left the platform at Cape Canaveral space base at 2.49 AM local (07.49 GMT), with which the United States hopes to revive the glory days of the American space program.

Crew Dragon carries a cargo of 440 pounds (200 kg) for the space station. In addition to the space cargo, there is also a doll on board, named Ripley. It is full of sensors on the head, neck, and spine. This way the flight control knows which forces future astronauts will be exposed to.

The capsule will arrive at the ISS at 6.05am (11.05 GMT) on Sunday. It will stay there around five days and then will return to Earth to be reused for future flights.

If the test flight goes well, the next test flight will take place in July with two astronauts on board this time. That will be the first manned American space flight since 2011.

NASA terminated its space shuttle program in 2011 and started working together with Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Boeing for manned space flights. Since then, the agency has relied on Russia’s Soyuz spacecraft to send its astronauts into space.