COMAC ARJ21 is set to connect mountainous cities in China

Kunming, China - ARJ21, the regional jet of the Chinese aircraft manufacturer COMAC, is set to play a pivotal role in linking the mountainous regions of southwestern China.

COMAC now carries out test flights at eight airports with an ARJ21 in the Yunnan Province of the country.

The province of Yunnan in southwestern China has its own charm. Nowhere else in the country do so many different ethnic groups live.

Yunnan has a lot to offer culturally. Located in the high mountains, the eastern foothills of the Himalayas rise up to 6000 meters on the border withTibet.

Although the province has a big potential to become an attraction center for tourism, the cities of the region are not connected. The capital of the province is the only hub that connects the region to the rest of China.

If possible, the Chinese government wants to cover these cities with air routes that will be served with COMAC's ARJ21s.

COMAC thinks the ARJ21-700 is an ideal aircraft for this task. The ARJ21 is particularly suitable for takeoffs and landings at the high-altitude airports with even more complicated route requirements, the manufacturer says.

To this end, an ARJ21 operated between six airports in the region between 19 and 21 Aug., including Lijiang, Xishuangbanna, Tengchong, Lincang, Dali and Manshi. The Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region is the next stop for test flights with two airports.

There are currently 36 civil high-altitude airports throughout China, most of them in the west and south-west of the country.

With the planned increase in production capacity and thereby accelerated demand to the air travel, the COMAC regional jet will make an important contribution to the further development of these mountainous regions.

The COMAC ARJ21 is the first modern commercial aircraft developed in China. To date, 15 ARJ21-700 are in service with Chengdu Airlines and Chengis Khan Airlines.