Chinese regulator suspends airworthiness certificate of the Boeing 737 MAX

Beijing - Chinese civil aviation regulator has announced airworthiness certificate suspension for Boeing 737 MAX jets. The regulator said that it would review the software update made by the manufacturer before concluding whether the plane is safe to put it into service again.

On March 11, CAAC (Civil Aviation Administration of China) grounded the Boeing 737 MAX fleets of the country's airlines a day after an Ethiopian 737 MAX 8 jet plunged to the ground in Addis Ababa just after take-off.

The decision was taken in the wake of the unclarity surrounding the aircraft and its anti-stall system known as MCAS which is the focus of two recent crashes in five months said the CAAC in its statement for the subject.

The regulator will review the updates made by the American aircraft manufacturer when released.

The announcement came a day after China awarded Airbus with a $35 billion order for 300 aircraft that mostly consists of A320neo family jets, the European counterpart of the Boeing's MAX Series jets.

It is unclear how long the process will take for the 737 MAX jets to regain its certification in China. Some suggest that it could take a long time since China plans to use the current situation as a trump card against the U.S. government in the ongoing trade negotiations.