China considers reducing Boeing orders in return additional import tariffs imposed by U.S. government

Beijing, China - Boeing faces the biggest crisis in its history due to the turmoil surrounding the manufacturer's MAX series jets after two fatal crashes. But it may not be the only problem.

The Chinese government is preparing to reduce the number of aircraft on order with Boeing to punish the United States after Trump administration announced more import tariffs for Chinese products.

In addition to canceling aircraft orders with Boeing, the Chinese government also considers not to import agricultural products and energy from the U.S. anymore.

Earlier today, China decided to raise import tariffs for the U.S. goods by $60 billion. That was a reaction against the US government's decision last Friday to impose $200 billion import tariffs for Chinese goods.

The two countries seemed to be close to a trade agreement for some time, but negotiations broke off last week. According to the American side, the Chinese would not make enough concessions to reduce the trade deficit with the U.S.

If China actually decides to drop aircraft orders with Boeing due to Trump's trade policy, then the aircraft manufacturer has a big problem. The Asian giant accounts for 15 percent of global aviation and has hundreds of orders placed with Boeing.