China completes assembly of the first fully national turbofan engine


Beijing - AECC (Aero Engine Corporation of China), a state-owned manufacturer has completed the assembly of CJ-1000AX, the first in-house built jetliner engine, which is a new UltraFan type turbofan that will equip Comac C919 in the future.

With the production of CJ-100AX, China aims to align itself with Russian and western manufacturers such as Aviadvigatel, CFM, GE, Rolls Royce, Safran and Pratt & Whitney.

The CJ-1000AX project is being carried out jointly with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of
China (MIIT), and is supported by state-owned industries and universities.

The first engine will be used for ground testing of the aircraft, as well as equipping a prototype of COMAC C919, a new Chinese aircraft that focuses on competing with the Boeing 737 MAX and the Airbus A320neo.

The CJ-1000AX has a diameter of 1.95m and a length of 3.29m. There are three versions of the engine. The first version provides 25,000 pounds of power, while the second version provides 28,000 pounds, and the third version provides 27,000

The engine uses an architecture similar to the CFM Leap-1C, with a large front fan, a three-stage low-pressure compressor, a 10-stage high-pressure compressor, and a two-stage high-pressure turbine. The only difference is that the CJ-1000AX uses six stages in the low-pressure turbine, compared to seven in the Leap-1C. The front fan blades of the engine manufactured by ACAE are made from titanium steel while CFM uses blades made from carbon fiber.

China plans to build another 24 prototypes of the first version to use in the airworthiness certification campaign, which is expected to enter into service in 2021.