China Airlines chooses A321neo over 737 MAX, orders three Boeing 777F

Taipei, Taiwan - China Airlines has placed an order for fourteen Airbus A321neo. In addition to this purchase, negotiations are going on for a further order of 16 aircraft.

The new Airbus A321neos will be rented from an undisclosed leasing company. The first copy will be delivered to the Taiwanese carrier in 2021.

China Airlines' current single-aisle fleet consists of nineteen Boeing 737-800. The successor of the model, the Boeing 737 MAX, has been seriously hit due to a worldwide flight ban after two deadly crashes at short intervals.

China Airlines has been operating for years with a mixed fleet, consisting of the Boeing 737, 747,777 and the Airbus A330, A350.

Although Boeing lost a potential MAX order due to ongoing issues with the aircraft, the manufacturer benefits from another order placed by the Taiwanese company.

China Airlines has signed a letter of intent with Boeing for three Boeing 777F with options for further three copies. The new cargo planes are intended to replace some of the Boeing 747-400Fs in the company's cargo branch.

China Airlines' cargo fleet comprises eighteen Boeing 747-400F. The Boeing 777F can carry less cargo than the Boeing 747-400F, but it is about 20% more efficient in terms of operational costs.