Video: Cavernous plane flies NASA's Orion ship from Florida to Cleveland

Cleveland, Ohio - NASA transported its Orion Space capsule from Florida to its Plum Brook research center in Cleveland, Ohio. This daunting task was carried out by the agency's monstrous heavy cargo carrier that is known as “Super Guppy".

The cargo of the Super Guppy this time was NASA’s precious Orion, a new spacecraft designed to send astronauts into the deep space.

Orion is gearing up for its first flight without a crew, that’s supposed to take place in the early 2020s. The launch, which was named as Artemis 1, will send the spaceship around the Moon on a three-week trip.

NASA Engineers will test and prepare Orion for Artemis 1 mission over the next two months at the Agency's Plum Brook research center in Cleveland, before taking it back to Florida.

Orion will be exposed to extreme temperatures there in a large vacuum chamber to simulate the wide range of environments it will experience after it left the Earth.

Super Gruppy