Caribbean Airlines strengthens its fleet with 12 Boeing 737 MAX 8


Piarco - Caribbean Airlines will buy twelve Boeing 737 MAX 8 to renew its fleet. The carrier did not specify whether it was an order commitment or a firm order.

The new 737 MAX 8s of the Piarco-based (Trinidad and Tobago) airline will accommodate up to 160 passengers in three classes, while the twelve 737-800 currently in service are fitted with 150 seats (12 in Business class, 42 in Economy Plus and 96 in Economy).

Besides its extra seat capacity, the Boeing 737 MAX 8 has an extended range of more than 500 NM, compared to previous generation Boeing 737-800s.

Boeing has been by our side since Caribbean Airlines was founded twelve years ago using the 737-800. The 737 MAX allows us to continue offering a safe and comfortable experience for our passengers, while significantly improving fuel efficiency and environmental performance,
said airline's CEO Gavin Medera.
All of these elements position us for long-term success,
he added.

The MAX 8s of the national carrier will provide up to 16 percent fuel savings compared to its current fleet.

Starting from next year, Caribbean will concentrate on improving its regional network with new destinations that are more efficiently and affordably accessible.

The airline will begin to take delivery of its MAX 8s from the fourth quarter of 2019.

As of today, Caribbean Airlines operates 12 Boeing 737-800 and five ATR 72-600. It flies to 20 destinations in 15 countries on 36 routes.