Canada doesn't buy Fighter Aircraft from Boeing


Ottowa - This is not an airliner news and normally shouldn't be mentioned here on "Airliner Watch". But it is strictly related to the airliner wars between Boeing and Bombardier, and makes the headline.

Even if the Canadian government threatens Boeing not to buy its fighter jets, the American aircraft manufacturer has no intention to abandon its commercial war against Bombardier.

Our commitment to creating an equal market for everyone in the aerospace field remains. We will continue to support efforts to build an environment of fair and free competition that respects the established rules,
Boeing said in a statement on Friday, December 8.

According to several sources, the federal government of Canada is preparing to buy used F-18 fighter aircraft from Australia to replace its aging fighter fleet, rather than buying Boeing's new Super Hornet fighter.

The decision follows the US company's fight against $ 372 million government aid to Bombardier in Canada.

The cause of the complaint is the agreement between Bombardier and Delta for the sale of 75 CSeries to Delta Airlines. Boeing claims that the Montreal company sold its aircraft to Delta below their cost of production.

Following the examination of the complaint, the US Department of Commerce imposed, in two preliminary rulings, a 300% countervailing duty on the sale of CSeries in the United States.

Boeing said it respects Ottawa's decision to turn to other fighter jets.

We will continue to look for ways to work together in the future,
said the manufacturer.