By 2037, 30% of the regional air traffic to be served on the routes that currently do not exist


Toulouse - The opening of new flight paths should provide an increasing demand for turboprop aircraft over the next twenty years. Turboprop passenger plane manufacturer ATR predicts that 3,020 of these regional airplanes will enter to the market by 2037.

According to ATR, a joint venture between Airbus and the Italian aerospace group Leonardo, in 20 years, 30 percent of the regional air traffic will be served on the routes that currently do not exist.

To a large extent, the growth of regional air traffic will take place in emerging markets, ATR reports in its market forecast. More and more remote areas will be connected to larger cities via new lines.

Eighty percent of the aircraft to be sold until 2037 would have a capacity of 61 to 80 seats. ATR is active in this market with the ATR 72. The rest will be from the 40 to 60-seater segment, in which the ATR 42 is the best-selling aircraft.

Asia is the largest market for regional turboprops with 43 percent market share, followed by Europe, Africa and the Middle East (31 percent) and North, Central and South America (26 percent).