British Airways makes the shortest Boeing 747 flight ever

Cardiff, Wales - Today (Nov. 15), British Airways carried out allegedly the shortest Boeing 747 flight ever.

The 747-400 registered G-CIVG took off from Cardiff Airport at 11:09 a.m. and landed at the St. Athan Airport nine minutes later (11:18 a.m.), where it will be dismantled by British wide-body transition expert eCube solutions.

It is the shortest Boeing 747 flight known so far, according to the British aviation news portal UK Aviation News. It's also the last flight of the British Airways' 25 years old jumbo jet.

The previous shortest 747 flight (14 minutes) was also carried out by British carrier between Cardiff and St Athan in 2016.

The distance between the two airports is just 3.67 miles. Flight BAW9172 of British Airways took off from runway 12 at Cardiff before making a left turn to line up with runway 25 at St Athan.


The maximum flight level of the aircraft became 3,000 during the flight.

British Airways has more Boeing 747s than any other passenger airline in the world. The carrier currently operates 32 Boeing 747-400.

By 2022 13 747s will be removed in the fleet. The remaining planes will fly with the IAG subsidiary airline a few years more and will be replaced by the new generation wide-body jets of Airbus (A350-1000) and Boeing (777-9) by February 2024.

British Airways Boeing 747-400 retirement plan

Update: The seats of the G-CIVG will be installed in G-CIVB of which retirement was pushed back to Nov. 2022.

We thank our reader Kenneth Jensen for the info.