British Airways commemorates its 100th year with a retro painted Boeing 747


**London - Another jetliner is to carry a retro livery again. This time a Boeing 747 from British Airways. The IAG Group airline is preparing to celebrate its 100th anniversary with a Boeing 747 painted in the colors of its predecessor BOAC. **

British Airways will soon have a superjumbo painted with the colors of its predecessor British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) to commemorate its 100th year. The airline will use one of its 747s for this task, which is registered as G-BYGC. The repainted superjumbo is expected to be back in service on February 19.

The airline hints that more jets are planned to show up with the traditional colors throughout the year.

So many British Airways customers and colleagues have fond memories of our previous liveries, regularly sharing their photos from across the globe, so it’s incredibly exciting to be re-introducing this classic Boac design,

said Alex Cruz, CEO, and chairman at British Airways.

Our history has shaped who we are today, so our centenary is the perfect moment to revisit our heritage and the UK’s aviation landscape through this iconic livery,

Cruz added.

BA Retro Livery

British Airways' superjumbo will stay in service with the retro livery until the time that it will be retired in 2023. British flag carrier currently has 34 Boeing 747-400 in its fleet. The airline plans to replace all of them by early 2024 with more modern long-haul aircraft (18 Airbus A350, 12 Boeing 787 Dreamliner) waiting to be delivered over the next four years.

The British airline operator traces its history back to 1919 when AT&T (Aircraft Transport and Travel Limited) began to serve the world's first scheduled international flight between London and Paris.

British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) was the British state-run airline established in 1939 by the merger of Imperial Airways and British Airways Ltd. The airline continued operations until 1974 and then merged again with the BEA (British European Airways) to form British Airways.