Bribery allegations against Airbus tighten

Berlin - Airbus is accused of bribery to secure an EgyptAir order. According to German news portal Der Spiegel, bribes would have been paid between 2003 and 2008 to a Lebanese consulting company involved in the deal.

The departure of Airbus boss Thomas Enders on April 10 is overshadowed by new corruption allegations. Internal documents leaked to the German and French media suggest that managers of the Airbus bribed tird parties for the sale of seven Airbus A330 aircraft to EgyptAir.

According to Der Spiegel, there have been suspicious money transfers to third parties from 2003, after an order agreement Between Airbus and EgyptAir.

In April 2003, Airbus announced the sale of seven A330 aircraft to the Egyptian flag carrier, which was valued at one billion euros. But only three months later, the European manufacturer signed a consultancy agreement with the Lebanese consulting company Samit International for the coordination of the sales agreements between Airbus and EgyptAir.

In 2006, the process was repeated at the sale of planes that were intended for the Egyptair subsidiary Air Cairo.

By 2008, Airbus made thirteen transfers to the Samit International around 9.5 million euros.