Brazilian aircraft manufacturer pushes Kenya Airways for more Embraer Jets


Nairobi - Embraer tries to convince Kenya Airways to buy its planes which had already stated intention to order up to ten Embraer aircraft.

On July 25, The Brazilian aircraft manufacturer carried out a flight to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport with an E190-E2 model to take attention of the African carrier amid fierce competition from the Airbus A220 made by Canada’s Bombardier.

The 96-seater jet performed a test flight from Jomo Kenyatta to Kilimanjaro International Airport with senior Kenya Airways managers onboard.

Although Kenya Airways does not comment on the number and the model of the aircraft to be ordered, Embraer is willing to sell to the African operator some 120-seater E195-E2 along with the E190-E2.

We have just finished working on our five-year plan, and we will present it to the board in about two months, and then decisions will be made,
said Jan de Vegt, Chief Operating Officer of Kenya Airways.

He also added that a decision was yet to be made on whether the aircraft will be acquired through leasing or buying.

Kenya's national carrier currently owns 15 E-190 series jets in its fleet, making it the biggest operator of Embraer jets in Africa.