Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer delivered 90 aircraft in 2018


Sao Paulo - Embraer posted 90 deliveries for the year 2018 in accordance with its forecast of 85 - 95 aircraft. Brazilian manufacturer currently has a backlog of $ 16.3 billion.

On February 11, Embraer announced that it delivered 67 E175, thirteen E190, five E195, and four E190-E2 and one E170 to its customers. The manufacturer had forecasted 85 to 95 deliveries for the year 2018.

This leaves Embraer with an order backlog comprising 368 commercial aircraft on five models - 204 E175, seven E190, three E195, 43 E190-E2, and 111 E195-E2.

In the fourth quarter, the company delivered 33 commercial jets and finalized an order of 100 E175 with the Republic Airways announced at the Farnborough Air Show. Republic Airways, the world's largest operator of E-Jets, has signed a firm order for 100 E175, with purchase rights for an additional 100 copies and conversion rights to E175-E2.

Azul Linhas AĆ©reas Brasileiras has confirmed the firm order of 21 E195-E2 jets previously announced, in addition to the thirty E195-E2 ordered in 2015. Azul is the launch operator of the new generation E195-E2 jets and will receive its first copy in 2019.

The Q4 became a very fertile period for the company in terms of aircraft orders. The aircraft manufacturer signed a firm order in Q4 for three E190 with Nordic Aviation Capital (NAC), the world leader in regional aircraft. American Airlines signed a firm order for 15 E175 aircraft in a 76-seater configuration. Air Kiribati has placed an order for two E190-E2 with two purchase rights. Finally, Embraer unveiled an order of nine E175 jets from SkyWest order for nine E175 jets.

Another operator, Spanish regional carrier Binter Canarias is set to receive its first E195-E2 (out of three) in the second half of 2019, making the company the first European customer of the largest jet of E2 family.

Since its foundation by the Brazilian government in 1969, Embraer has delivered more than 8,000 aircraft. Every 10 seconds, a plane manufactured by Embraer takes off somewhere in the world and carry more than 145 million passengers a year.

The company recently agreed with Boeing for the handover of 80 percent of its commercial aviation division to a joint venture led by the US manufacturer.