Bombardier is not quite off the hook yet


Montreal - Boeing suffered an unexpected 4-0 defeat against Bombardier at the USITC. What's next?

Boeing couldn't stop the CSeries on the way to Delta. On January 26, The USITC (The United States International Trade Commission) surprisingly voted 4: 0 against punitive tariffs on CSeries.

The lower courts and the US government had favored punitive tariffs in response to Canadian state aid to the CSeries program and Boeing's allegations of price dumping. While Bombardier sees the USITC's decision as the victory of free competition, Boeing reserves further steps.

Boeing may contest the decision before the US Court of International Trade or appeal the WTO in a new lawsuit.

Boeing intends to evaluate the written decision of the USITC first, which will be presented to the parties on February 9. Among other things, the USITC rejected punitive tariffs because the committee thinks that 100-seated small CS100 is not a competitor for the 737-700 and 737 MAX 7, the smallest variants of the 737 family.

However, if a US airline wants to import CS300, the larger variant of the CSeries, the discussions could start again.