Bombardier invests in computerized modeling and testing of aircraft components

Montreal - Canadian aircraft manufacturer Bombardier plans to increase the use of computer models to test aircraft systems and components.

To this end, Bombardier says it plans to invest $18.75 million in the Aero21 aeronautical research project, which aims to stimulate the integration of computer modeling systems in the aeronautics sector in Quebec.

Bombardier will be one of the 24 Canadian companies providing 75% of the funds for Aero21 project, the Government of Quebec will invest the remaining 25%.

The organizations involved in the project would include small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as universities and research centers. Computerized models for testing aircraft systems and components during the design and certification phases could, among other things, bring new aeronautical products to the market faster, says Bombardier.

Bombardier also plans to invest $3.6 million in another research project SA²GE, which aims to develop aeronautical systems and technologies that will help to reduce fuel consumption and environmental footprint of the aviation industry. An equivalent amount will be provided by the Québec government.