Boeing works hard for the design of its New Midsize Airplane (NMA)


Seattle - Boeing has been pretty quiet about its New Midsize Airplane (NMA) project for a while. But the American aircraft manufacturer is working hard behind the scenes on the plans for the new device.

The Boeing 797, as it is unofficially dubbed, will be a small widebody which will replace the 757 and 767 models of the manufacturer and deliver the comfort of a widebody together with the efficiency of a narrowbody.

There is not much to report, because our team is still busy designing the production process and putting together the business case,
said marketing director Randy Tinseth in a press conference.

Boeing 797 won't probably be optimized for the transportation of large quantities of cargo. Engineers at Boeing are focused on flying as cheaply as possible from point A to point B, and the structure required for large freight containers would add extra weight to the aircraft.

We asked our customers what they would prefer: transport large freight containers or use less fuel by saving weight. They almost all chose the last option,
said Tinseth.

Possibly the hull of the 797 will have a more oval shape than usual, which will create enough space to transport seven or eight Economy passengers side by side.

Delta, and United Airlines have already expressed their interest in purchasing the 797. According to Boeing, after a final decision in 2019, another six years is needed to develop the new midsize widebody jetliner and start production. The first 797s can then be delivered in 2025.