Boeing wants to defend itself in Indonesian courts for the Lion Air crash

Chicago - In early March, Boeing was sued in Seattle by a local law firm on behalf of the families of the victims who were killed in the Lion Air MAX 8 crash last year. But Boeing wants lawsuits to be filed in Indonesia.

According to the relatives of the Lion Air Flight 610 victims, the U.S. company is trying to evade its responsibility.

In Indonesia, the relatives of the victims cannot claim compensation as high as in the United States.

Boeing said that lawsuits of previous Indonesian aircraft accidents were held in that country, therefore, it is logical to go to the court in Indonesia for Lion Air Flight 610 crash as well.

However, according to the lawyers of the victims' relatives, this crash is not comparable to others, because the aircraft was developed in the United States and Boeing is directly responsible for the faulty design of the anti-stall system which caused the Lion Air MAX 8 to crash into the Java Sea after a few minutes from the takeoff.


All 189 people on board were killed in the tragic accident last year in October.

The case gains extra weight as the relatives of the Ethiopian Flight 302 crash also prepare to file a lawsuit against Boeing in the United States.