Boeing suspends 737 MAX deliveries

Seattle - Following the flight ban of Boeing 737 MAX jetliners, the American aircraft manufacturer decided to suspend the delivery of the aircraft. The production will continue despite the delivery break.

On March 13, The US Federal Aviation Administration suspended the operations of the Boeing 737 MAX jets citing similar data and physical evidence between two MAX 8 crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia.

Before FAA, other civil aviation regulators of the major MAX 8 operator countries such as EASA, UK, China, India, Singapore, Australia, Turkey have already closed their airspaces to the Boeing 737 MAX flights.

FAA announced that the flights wouldn't be resumed before the new software updates to the MCAS system installed and tested. The investigation of Lion Air Flight 610 crash revealed that the accident occured due to false AOA data from flight sensors. The MCAS forced the aircraft to a sharp nose dive and the aircraft crashed into the Java Sea.

MCAS (Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System) is a new feature on Boeing 737 MAX family aircraft intended to prevent stalls at low-speeds by autanatically correcting the AOA (Angle of Attack). MCAS uses airspeed and other sensor data to compute when a critical condition occurs and then trims the aircraft nose down.

The Flidght Data Recorder (FDR) and the Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) arrived in France for the analysis by BEA (Bureau d'enquĂȘte et d'analyzes pour la securitĂ© de l'aviation).

Three members of the NTSB (The US National Transport Safety Board) has also arrive in France to participate in the resolution of the two recorders, which could take months.

Boeing has so far recorded around 5000 orders from 100 customers for its best-selling MAX series jets and delivered 371 aircraft.