Boeing stores factory-fresh 737 MAX jets in San Antonio

San Antonio, Texas - Boeing is sending some of the factory-fresh 737 MAX jets to one of its maintenance bases located in San Antonio, Texas as the manufacturer suspended deliveries until the regulators remove the flight ban for the aircraft.

Chris Edwards, an aviation enthusiast and plane spotter, spotted the radar track of a 737 MAX jet on May 14, which was heading to San Antonio.

Boeing spokesman Doug Alder confirmed the transfers to Bloomberg news agency.

“The Boeing San Antonio site will temporarily store airplanes as part of our inventory-management plan,” Alder said in an email statement.

"The jets eventually will return to Washington state where they will be delivered to our customers,” he added.

The grounding of Boeing 737 MAX jets enters the third month following two fatal crashes in which two 737 MAX 8 involved at short intervals.

Maintaining and storing the newly built 737 MAXs and managing the inventory costs is now a key concern for the manufacturer.

In April, Boeing reduced its monthly 737 MAX production by nearly 20%, to 42 aircraft from 52.

Boeing is still working on an update for the problematic anti-stall software of the 737 MAX jets. Once submitted, it will be reviewed by a joint group that consists of international regulators including the FAA.

The manufacturer is also holding meetings with airline representatives, pilots and engineers to remove concerns surrounding the aircraft.