Boeing releases more photos of the very first Boeing 777X


Everett - Boeing released more photos of the very first Boeing 777-9 this week. Boeing has released images of the airframe which will be used for static tests. The test device still missing its vertical fin, the engines and avionics systems.

With a length of 76.7 meters, the 777-9 is the longest commercial aircraft that Boeing has ever built. It is about three meters longer than its predecessor 777-300 ER. Together with the smaller variant 777-8, the device forms the new 777X family.

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The wing tips of the 777X are folded while on the ground enabling the aircraft to reduce its wingspan from 72m (236ft) to 65m (213.2 ft) and allowing it to park current terminal gates.

The first test flight is planned for next year. Lufthansa is the launch customer of the type and will receive the first copy in 2020. The American manufacturer has so far recorded a total of 273 orders from customers around the world for its new widebody jet. Emirates is the largest volume customer with 150 copies of the type.