Boeing posts a video of the 787-10 on ground and flight tests


Los Angeles - Boeing posted a video of the 787-10's recent flight and ground tests, the largest model in the Dreamliner family.

In particular, low and high-speed takeoff tests were conducted at the Edwards US Air Force base in California and aerodynamic flight tests a few feet above the ground, one of the most exciting for pilots.

Boeing's test team has been quite busy recently, putting the 787-10 Dreamliner through a series of tests to check out its takeoff performance. During the tests held in California, the team assessed how the airplane would perform at high-speed and low-speed takeoffs. The team needed entirely calm wind conditions for this testing, and that's why the tests have been carried out at the Edwards Air Force Base.

Perhaps one of the most exciting tests for pilots is the low-level flight testing, which measures the airplane’s aerodynamic behavior while it's close to the ground.

We're flying very low, just above the runway,
said 787-10 chief test pilot Tim Berg.
It's fun and exciting for the flight test team because it’s a very dynamic environment,
he added.