Boeing postpones rollout ceremony of the 777X


Everett - Boeing has postponed the rollout ceremony of its 777X due to the Ethiopian 737 MAX 8 crash.

Boeing was planning to debut its first 777X on March 13 with a special event with the attendance of company staff, suppliers, invited guests and press.

But the U.S. aircraft manufacturer has canceled all planned events for the public presentation of its long-awaited new generation widebody. The company has now focused on investigating and supporting the Ethiopian 737 MAX 8 crash that happened on March 10.

For now, there is no new date for the rollout ceremony of Boeing 777X.

The 777X is an upgrade to the manufacturer's existing 777 program. The aircraft will come in two variants the 777-8 and the 777-9. They are intended to replace the 777-200LR and the 777300ER.

The aircraft will be powered by General Electric's new generation GE9X engines which began flight tests in March 2018.

Another remarkable improvement is the new composite wings with folding wingtips that will allow the new jet to maintain its Code E rating at airports.

Boeing pitched its new jet as an ideal replacement option in the widebody segment.