Boeing postpones decision for the 797 "Middle of Market" aircraft


Farnborough - The announcement for the program launch of the Boeing's long-discussed MoM (Middle of the Market) aircraft was being expected at the Farnborough Air Show this week. But, Boeing Chief Executive Dennis Muilenburg said yesterday in London that his company wants to be sure there is a firm demand for the type before launching the program.

The industry experts were quite sure the American manufacturer would present the concept of "797" at Farnborough Air Show this time. But According to CEO Muilenburg, postponing the decision to 2019 does not jeopardize the objective for the first aircraft of the type to be in service by 2025.

Muilenburg and the head of the commercial aircraft division Kevin McAllister now want to explore even more precisely what requirements the new airliner has to meet in order to pay off for the Group and the airlines. Boeing is talking to over 60 potential customers, McAllister said. In addition, the American manufacturer not only wants to set new standards for the aircraft itself but also to improve the production method.

According to insiders, Boeing plans two different versions of the type. A 797 6X with 228 passengers and a nonstop range of 5,000 nautical miles, as well as a 797-7X with 268 seats and 4,200 nautical miles.

Ihssane Mounir, Vice president of Commercial Sales & Marketing at Boeing, points out the worldwide interest of the airlines in the concept and believes the 797 has a sales potential of up to 5,000 units.