Boeing may cut 787 production, chief executive says

Seattle, Washington - According to ALC (Air Lease Corporation) chief executive John Plueger, Boeing might have to reduce the production rate of 787 jets to 10 aircraft.

Boeing currently produces 14 Dreamliner jets per month. The US planemaker had already announced that it would have cut its production to 12 aircraft per month in late 2020 because of order cancellations and lack of demand.

The US and Chinese airlines are the biggest customers of Boeing's new generation Dreamliner jet family.

China is a major buyer of the Boeing 787 jets, and it did not order widebody planes from Boeing recently. It’s hard to predict if the rate of 12 aircraft per month would be sustainable beyond 2020 without new orders from China, Plueger said at a Bank of America conference.

Plueger also said that the possibility of developing a new mid-size airplane (NMA) for the Middle of Market (MoM) has decreased remarkably due to the ongoing 737 MAX crisis.

The Boeing NMA is supposed to be a direct competitor to the Airbus A321XLR, the longest-range narrow-body airliner of the European aircraft manufacturer.