Boeing invests in state-of-the-art battery technology


Chicago - On January 30, Boeing announced an investment in Cuberg, a startup founded by former Stanford University researchers who develop technologies for the next generation batteries with potential aerospace and industrial applications.

As the startup explains, its next-gen batteries can achieve high energy density with thermal durability. Cuberg further claims that the battery is designed to be a solution with easy integration into large-scale manufacturing processes.

Cuberg's battery technology has the highest energy density we have ever seen on the market, and its unique chemical components can be a safe and stable solution for the future of electric air transport,
said Steve Nordlund, Vice President at HorizonX Ventures, a division of Boeing that studies new technologies.

Since its foundation in April 2015, Cuberg has been supported by several funds from US government partners and grants. Despite little acting, the startup was named by the US Department of Energy as one of the country's top seven startups in 2016.

We are excited to partner with the world's largest aerospace company to expand Cuberg's battery capacities and help fuel the aerospace platforms of the future,
said Richard Wang, CEO of Cuberg.
With Boeing funding, we will expand our team and our research and development facilities to help customers integrate our batteries into their products, while also extending our technology to fully automated production,
he added.

The investment in Cuberg is another step for Boeing in the field of studies on the creation of aircraft with electric motors. The US manufacturer already invests, for example, in Zunum Aero, another startup based in the United States that is on the way to develop the first commercial electric airplane.