Boeing introduces the 787th Boeing 787 with a special livery


Charleston - The 787th Boeing 787 is almost finished. Boeing has painted the device with a unique color scheme and inscription to highlight that it is the Boeing's 787th Dreamliner.

This very special 787-9 will be delivered to China Southern Airlines in a few weeks, which quits the SkyTeam on January 1st. The logo of the alliance is not seen anywhere on the device.

China Southern already has 17 Dreamliners in its fleet (ten 787-8 and seven 787-9). The 787-9s of the Chinese carrier are configured to carry 28 passengers in Business Class and 269 in Economy.

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The 787 Dreamliner became a great commercial success for Boeing over time. The first copy rolled out the assembly line only eleven years ago. For comparison, Boeing delivered the 747th Boeing 747 in its 21st production year and delivered the 777th Boeing 777 in its 15th year.

Boeing is currently producing twelve Dreamliners per month. Next year, the production rate will be increased by adding two aircraft per month. It is necessary because the US manufacturer has already 1400 orders in its backlog.

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