Boeing gets prepared for the next aircraft program


Washington - By appointing high-level engineers, Boeing is preparing the in-house development team for the next commercial aircraft program. The new plane could appear around 2025.

Boeing appointed 777X's former Chief Project Engineer and 787 system engineer Terry Beezhold as a development staff member for the upcoming New Mid-market Airplane (NMA). The twin-engine concept for 225 to 270 passengers and 5600 NM of the range was first presented at the last Paris Air Show.

If the program starts as planned, the commissioning would be possible around 2024/2025.

The concept briefly shown there was only on a Powerpoint presentation. The design and the features remained unclear such as what fuselage diameter Boeing will provide for the new twin-engine body. Boeing recently unveiled a small wide-body aircraft concept with two engines and a seat configuration of 2 - 3 - 2.

The NMA is still a pure concept. However, with the selection of top personnel, Boeing is approaching a possible program launch within the next year. If the program starts as planned, the commissioning would be possible around 2024/2025. Boeing would thus close a gap in its own offer, which was created above the 737 MAX 10 and below the 787-8.

Here, the American manufacturer needs a new model in the size of the extremely successful competitor Airbus A321neo. Particularly above its maximum capacity of 240 seats could be worth an attack for Boeing. Originally Boeing had wanted to derive from the long-range Dreamliner family a short- and medium-haul version Boeing 787-3 with almost 3100 NM range and truncated wings, which, however, did not find enough demand.

A new program of this size is expected to cost $ 10-15 billion in development. On the other hand, Boeing is able to draw its current knowledge in wing development and automated production from the 787 and 777X programs to save on the new production infrastructure.