Boeing forecasts 790,000 pilots by 2038


Oshkosh - Boeing is announcing an unprecedented increase in demand for pilots over the next 20 years, as airlines are already facing workforce challenges for the cockpit. 790,000 pilots will be needed by 2038.

The annual Boeing study on the workforce needed for the pilot and technician jobs over the next twenty years was published on July 23, in Oshkosh. According to the study, 790,000 pilots will be required over the next 20 years.

This demand is driven, first, by the doubling of the global fleet of commercial aircraft as announced by Boeing in its CMO 2018 study, and secondly, by the record demand for air travel.

Despite strong growth in global air traffic, the aviation industry is facing a continuing problem of pilot recruitment, which raises concerns about a short-term global shortage,
Keith Cooper said in a statement, Vice President of Boeing Global Services (BGS).
Boeing partners with customers, government agencies, and educational institutions to ensure the market is ready to meet this strong demand for pilots,
the executive added.

In order to help companies meet their growing needs, Boeing offers the Pilot Development Program, an accelerated training course for future pilots, from ab initio training to type rating as a first officer. Boeing also supports companies to improve the efficiency of their crews by providing tools designed to optimize resources and minimize the risk of workforce shortage.

At Farnborough Air Show last week, Airbus had estimated 540,000 pilots over the next twenty years, an unexplained difference while the forecasts of both manufacturers are based on similar aircraft.