Boeing executive thinks Airbus won't be able to deliver some of the A380s in its backlog


Farnborough - According to Randy Tinseth, Vice President of Commercial Marketing at Boeing, there won't be enough demand for Airbus to deliver more than the 100 A380 still on order.

We don't believe Airbus will deliver the rest of their backlog on A380s,
Tinseth said, during the presentation of Boeing's annual market forecast at Farnborough.

Tinseth explained the large jumbo jets are beneficial in particular situations such as airport congestions. But most airlines prefer to offer their passengers the option of more frequent flights, making smaller wide-body jetliners like the 787 more popular.

According to Boeing executive, the twin-aisle economics of that airplane is far better than the big four-engine aircraft, and it's a market fact.

The big aircraft of the future is the Boeing 777-9, Tinseth also argued. It will carry 400 passengers and fly longer routes than the 747, and the A380.

The future of the 747 is in the cargo business, Tinseth says. Boeing expects that there would be a demand for about 980 new cargo carrier in the coming years.

Airbus did not comment on Tinseth's argument for the A380.