Boeing deliveries are at historical low

Seattle, Washington - Boeing delivered only 18 aircraft in August 2019, keeping the commercial aircraft manufacturer on track for the lowest annual total in the last eight years.

The American aerospace giant had delivered 64 aircraft last year in August.

Boeing also announced that it has delivered 276 aircraft in total since the beginning of the year. When considering the 481 deliveries in the same period of 2018, it's quite a bit setback.

Analysts estimate that Boeing will deliver around 500 aircraft in 2019.

As of August 31st, the rival Airbus has already delivered 500 aircraft and expects to reach 900 aircraft deliveries for the entire year. If materialized, Airbus will leave the world's largest aircraft manufacturer behind for the first time.

After the worldwide grounding of its best-selling 737 MAX jets, Boeing suspended deliveries ofthe 737 MAX series jets and reduced the production of the aircraft.

The company has more than 5000 737 MAX orders on its backlog waiting to be delivered to the customers around the globe.