Boeing delays the "New Midsize Airplane" decision to 2020


Chicago - Boeing delayed the final decision to 2020 for its NMA (New Midsize Airplane) program. The company was supposed to make a decision this year and announce the program launch at the Paris Air Show (17-23 June 2019).

CEO Dennis Muilenburg revealed the delay decision by the manufacturer during the presentation of company's annual results.

The Boeing CEO did not exactly state why the decision was postponed. Most probably the business case study is not complete yet. Offering a new aircraft to the market costs billions of dollars and therefore the manufacturer must be sure that there is enough demand.

Yesterday we published an article here projecting the view of former Airbus COO John Leahy about why the B797 would fail.

Boeing continues to work hard for the development of a new mid-size aircraft behind the scenes, which will replace the 757 and 767 series jets of the manufacturer. According to the sources close to the company, there are currently more than a thousand employees working on the design process.

The US aircraft manufacturer is also in close contact with potential buyers to secure an optimum design that will meet the needs of all customers.