Boeing closes doors to Iran Air


Chicago - The days of the political thaw between Washington and Tehran left in the past. The United States is threatening Iran with the termination of the nuclear deal. Boeing no longer expects to deliver any aircraft to Iran Air in 2018.

We have not scheduled any deliveries to Iran for this year or included in production planning,
Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg said last week.

By closing delivery dates, the American manufacturer is now in line with the actions of the US government.

The US government wants to tighten the nuclear deal with Iran that was negotiated in 2015 and reintroduce sanctions against the Tehran.

Iran Air has already ordered 32 A320neo, six A320ceo, eight A321ceo, eight A330-200, 28 A330-900neo and 16 A350-1000. An A321 and two A330-200 was delivered in early 2017.

The three 777-300ERs expected by Iran Air this year was already assigned to other customers by Boeing. The current production rate is independent of Iranian orders, Muilenburg clarified.

Boeing received orders for two new 777 from All Nippon Airways (ANA) this year, as well as for three aircraft from one unnamed customer. Boeing closed the year 2017 with 60 contracts and is thus able to plan a smooth transition to the successor 777X.