Boeing builds the 787th 787


Charleston - Boeing has begun the final assembly of the 787th Dreamliner. The aircraft is being assembled for China Southern Airlines. This symbolic milestone displays the tremendous commercial success achieved by Boeing's most modern widebody airliner.

The first ever Boeing 787 rolled out of the assembly line only eleven years ago in 2007. For comparison, It took Boeing 21 years to produce 747th Boeing 747aircraft and fifteen years the 777th Boeing 777 aircraft.

Boeing is currently building twelve Dreamliners per month. From 2019, the production rate will increase by two aircraft per month to be able to deliver the1400 Dreamliners in Boeing's backlog on time.

Boeing's Dreamliner family is popular because of its low fuel consumption. Moreover, despite its limited size, the aircraft has a huge flight range, which makes long-haul routes more profitable compared to other widebody jetliners in the market.

Almost all Dreamliner operators have opted their cabins for a 3-3-3 configuration in Economy Class making the seats quite narrow. On the other hand, the aircraft is very quiet, and the air in the cabin is less dry than the other aircraft, which offers passengers a more relaxing atmosphere.