Boeing and Embraer launch a website to present their upcoming joint venture


Sao Paulo - Embraer and Boeing now officially advertise their planned joint venture on a homepage under the slogan "Flying Together" (Voando Juntas).

It presents information about the existing partnerships and collaboration between Brazilian and American manufacturers, as well as the potential benefits of a merger.

The new website also reveals something about which the media recently speculated extensively. The two aircraft manufacturers are therefore planning two joint ventures - - one for civil aviation and one for the military aircraft KC-390.

Boeing and Embraer have both announced their commitments to establishing a joint venture in December 2017. As early as July of this year, the
companies presented a complete proposal to create a third commercial aviation company.

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The required approval from authorities for the new joint venture is still pending, including the Brazilian government keeping a veto right over strategic decisions made by the Brazilian Aerospace company.

According to the proposed agreement, Boeing would hold an 80 percent stake in the new joint venture against the Embraer's 20 percent.

The merger of the U.S. and Brazilian manufacturers is one of the hot debates in the ongoing Brazilian presidential campaign. Some candidates are pledging voters to reject the deal.

With Embraer's 150-seat next-generation Ejets, Boeing targets a market where there is a gap in its portfolio.

The deal between Airbus and Bombardier for Canadian manufacturer's CSeries (A220) aircraft is considered as the key driver for the planned joint venture between Boeing and Embraer.