Boeing almost finishes software update for the controversial MCAS system of 737 MAXs


Chicago - Boeing has almost finished the software update for MCAS system and to revise pilot training for the 737 MAX said CEO Dennis Muilenburg in response to the statement by the Ethiopian Transport Minister about a link between the two 737 MAX crashes.

Mr. Muilenburg did not comment on the statement made by the Ethiopian Transport Minister Dagmawit Moges, who said that the preliminary analysis of Flight 302's black boxes points out clear similarities with the Indonesian Lion Air crash.

"Flight 302: Preliminary data from black boxes to point out clear similarities with Lion Air Flight 610 crash"

"While researchers continue to draw definitive conclusions, Boeing is finalizing a previously announced software update and reviewing the pilot training for the MCAS (Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System) in response to faulty sensor input," said Muilenburg.

In the case of the Lion Air crash, an incorrect angle of attack (AOA) data from a sensor caused the MCAS to repeatedly push the nose of the aircraft down for correction. There are increasing indications that something similar happened in the Ethiopian Airlines crash as well.


The software update, which Boeing has been working on for months, will be ready within ten days. But first, it must be certified by the US Federal Aviation Agency before implemented, which won't happen before the end of April.

Boeing does not comment on questions about the investigation and says the company acts in line with the relevant international protocols to assist the investigating authorities.



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