Boeing 787: The last "Terrible Teen" to be dismantled


It's a sad end for a plane that young. Boeing's No. 5 Dreamliner, one of the six 787 test aircraft is being dismantled, reports The Seattle Times.

Although most of these test 787s nicknamed "Terrible Teens" have finally found buyers at the reduced prices, The 787 No. couldn't find an acquirer because of its overweight.

Completed in 2009 at a tremendous cost of $600 million, Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner No.5 has arrived at its final destination, Paine Field at Everett, where an aircraft recycling contractor is cutting the carbon fiber jet into pieces.

Despite very difficult beginnings, including the overweight of the first models, Boeing has sold 1318 copies of its Dreamliner of which 700 are currently in service with airline operators across the globe.