Boeing 777X is ready for maiden flight

Seattle, Washington - Boeing 777X is ready for the first test flight. The aircraft is expected to perform its maiden flight later this week on Thursday or Friday.

Actually, the 777-9 should have made the first test flight last year in June just before the Paris Air Show. Boeing's plan was to introduce the aircraft at the Paris Air Show.

But due to a technical problem with the new GE9X engines, the planemaker had to delay the flight. General electric's GE9X is currently the biggest engine ever built for a commercial passenger plane.

The 777-9 is the largest member of the new 777X family and also the longest passenger aircraft in the world. It will replace Boeing's previous-generation 777-300ERs in the airlines' fleet over time.

Boeing will deliver the first copies to Lufthansa and Emirates next year.

Lufthansa Boeing 777-9 illustration

It is quite possible that the 777-9 will remain as the only member of the so-called 777X family. The 777-8, which is yet to be developed, would never be taken into production due to the lack of demand from global customers.