Boeing 777X - Boeing completes the assembly of first flying prototype


Everett - Boeing completed the assembly of the first 777X that will be used for flight tests. The aircraft will carry out its first flight in early 2019.

Boeing announced in September this year the rollout of the first 777X testbed, a non-flying prototype, which will be used for static tests.

The manufacturer has now announced that it completed the assembly of the first flying prototype.

Boeing's new widebody comes with two versions. The 777-9 and the shorter variant 777-8. The type will make its commercial debut with the larger variant 777-9, which is capable of transporting 425 passengers with a flight range of up to 7,600 nautical miles (14075 kilometers).

The twin-engine jet is the longest commercial aircraft ever measuring 252 ft (77 m), and will be powered by the world’s largest engine, the General Electric GE9X.

The wingspan of the 777X measures 235 feet (72 meters) including folding wingtips, almost same as the length of the hull.

To date, the 777X has accumulated 340 orders from customers. The first device will be delivered to the launch customer Emirates Airlines by 2020.