Boeing 777 flies in formation with Turkish Air Force aerobatic team "Turkish Stars"


Istanbul - Historical moments in Turkey's first aviation, space and technology festival, Teknofest. A Boeing 777 from Turkish Airlines and
Turkish Stars, the Turkish Air Force aerobatic team, made a demonstration flight over Bosphorus, Istanbul.

The event began with the solo demonstration of the Turkish Airlines' Boeing 777. On September 21st, the aircraft took off from IGA (Istanbul Great Airport), which will be partly opened to international air traffic on October 29.

After a few maneuvers over the festival area, the 777 carried out a low approach and go around and met with Turkish Air Force Aerobatic Team to compose a flight formation. The formation greeted spectators on the festival area with a low passage and then flew over Bosphorus to continue the demonstration. Another Air Force solo aerobatic aircraft "Solo Turk", an F-16, joined the group there.

The formation flight of the Boeing 777 with Turkish Stars over Bosphorus created breathtaking moments for spectators.

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