Boeing 737 MAX software update to take longer than expected

Seattle - Boeing's 737 MAX jets could remain grounded longer than expected after the announcement of the Federal Aviation Administration on April 1st.

Boeing had previously said that it would submit the software update for the 737 MAX jets to the FAA last week. On MArch 27, the manufacturer briefed industry representatives, including airline managers, pilots, engineers and officials of civil aviation regulators at Renton about the changes coming with the software update.

Yesterday, the FAA said that the additional work needed and the aircraft manufacturer is working on it.

"The FAA expects to receive Boeing's final package of its software enhancement over the coming weeks for FAA approval," the agency said in a statement.

"Time is needed for additional work by Boeing as the result of an ongoing review of the 737 MAX Flight Control System to ensure that Boeing has identified and appropriately addressed all pertinent issues."

Boeing has confirmed the statement made by the agency, but did not explain why the timeline has changed.

"Safety is our first priority, and we will take a thorough and methodical approach to the development and testing of the update to ensure we take the time to get it right," the aircraft manufacturer said.

According to sources who spoke to CNN news agency, the implementation of the new software could take longer than expected. Boeing had expected the new software to be ready within days.

Boeing has been working on a set of changes to an anti-stall system known as MCAS (Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System). The system was pointed out as the cause of the two recent crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia.