Boeing: 30 orders and 39 deliveries in July, 2018


Chicago - Boeing recorded last month 30 firm orders for its 737, 777 and 787 series, but delivered only 39 aircraft.

In July 2018, the American aircraft manufacturer recorded 15 orders for 737 MAX from the Brazilian low-cost operator GOL, ten for its 787-9 Dreamliner from Hawaiian, and five for the 777F from Qatar Airways.

Since the beginning of the year, Boeing has posted a total of 564 gross orders (487 net), including 392 for its best-selling 737 series, 14 for 747, 20 for 767, 33 for 777 and 105 for the 787.

Regarding deliveries, the problems encountered in the production of 737 MAX series had a visible effect, particularly in July. Last month Boeing delivered only 39 aircraft, compared to 82 in June.

"Boeing foresees more single-aisle delivery delays in the 3rd quarter"

Boeing suffers from the engine and fuselage delays from its suppliers CFM International and SpiritAero Systems for a while.

In the first seven months of the year, Boeing delivered a total of 417 aircraft, including 298 Boeing 737 family aircraft, four 747, ten 767, 25 Triple Seven and 80 Dreamliners.

As of July 31, Boeing's backlog 2018 consisted of 5864 aircraft remaining to be delivered.

The orders received at the Farnborough Air Show are not yet reflected in the order books.