Boeing: 233 orders and 82 deliveries in June


Chicago - Boeing posts a total of 233 gross orders in June, most of which are not detailed, as well as 82 deliveries. The company is preparing for the opening of the Farnborough Air Show next week.

Last month, Boeing recorded 201 orders for the 737 MAX family, 13 for the 767F and 19 for the 777 family. The seventy-five 737 MAX will go to Boeing Capital Corporation, one to a private VIP client, and another 125 to three anonymous customers.

Eleven of the thirteen 767F were ordered by FedEx, the other two by an anonymous customer. Finally, in the Triple Seven family, five 777F will also go to FedEx, and ten 777X to an unnamed customer.

In the first six months of the year, Boeing recorded a total of 534 gross orders, including 377 single-aisle aircraft, fourteen 747, twenty 767, twenty-eight 777 and 95, 787.

In terms of deliveries, the June results are for 56 single aisles (including five 737-800 and one 737 MAX for Southwest, five 737 MAX for Air Canada and the first 737 MAX for Ethiopian Airlines, plus three 737-800 for the US Navy), a 747F (UPS), two 767 (FedEx), six 777 (Aeroflot, Emirates, Qatar and FedEx) and seventeen 787 Dreamliner.

In the first half of the year, Boeing deliveries reached a total of 378 aircraft, including 269 from the 737 family, nine from the 767 family, 25 from the 777 family and 72 from the Dreamliner family. These results leave the American aircraft manufacturer with a backlog of 5876 aircraft.

On the occasion of the Farnborough International Show, which will take place on July 16-22, the 737 MAX 7 will perform several in-flight demonstrations.

The Boeing 737 MAX 7 is scheduled for service in 2019. Advances in the commercial aviation industry have allowed the MAX 7 to travel an additional 1,000 nautical miles and carry more passengers than its predecessor, the 737-700 while having an 18% lower fuel cost per seat.

The flight demonstrations will also include a 787-8 highlighting the capabilities and innovations that have made the Dreamliner one of the most popular aircraft among operators and passengers.

Since 2011, nearly 700 Dreamliners have been delivered to the operators, and the aircraft have transported 250 million passengers while saving more than 11 million tonnes of fuel.